【インタビュー】アートコレクティブ・SUKA OFF の創始者 Piotr Wegrzynski (ピオトル・ヴェグジンスキ)






- あなたのことを教えてくれますか?

僕の名前はピオトル ヴェグジンスキといいます。私はアートクコレクティブ SUKA OFF の創始者です。1995年のタデウシュ カントールの芸術学校の学生だった頃に始めました。アート教育の修士課程を取りましたがその仕事にはつきませんでした。たまにボディーアートとビデオアートの講義を行いますが。ここ数年 SUKA OFFの 美学を継承するがよりポルノグラフィーのビデオや写真に焦点をあてた INSIDE FLESH というプロジェクトも務めています。






- Can you tell me about yourself?

My name is Piotr Wegrzynski. I am the founder of the art collective SUKA OFF. I started it in 1995 when I was a student at the Tadeusz Kantor art school in Dabrowa Gornicza. I made my master degree in art education, but I’m not working in my profession. Sometimes I give lectures and workshops on body art and video art. For the last few years I have been also working on the INSIDE FLESH project, which continues the aesthetics of SUKA OFF, but is focused on pornographic video and photography.


My sense of aesthetics has been shaped by the time I spent in high school as well as the neighborhood I grew up in – back then it was a collapsing industrial zone. Everything around was falling apart and it was ugly, and people were aggressive. Today there is not one active coal mine or steel works there, and I moved to a different city. I mention this because it is very important and a recurrent theme in my work.


I consider myself a performance artist (although what I do is closer to theater) and video artist (though my work is much closer to film). It is difficult to describe in words what I'm doing because I'm not a writer. If you want to find out more about what I’m doing, just visit these websites:





- SUKA OFF とは何の略ですか?


- Whats Suka off stands for SUKA OFF?

Before other things - for multidisciplinarity. I feel equally comfortable creating stage performance, video and music. In a sense, I am self-sufficient. Of course, that involves some compromises. I can’t speed up the process of creating video, audio, new costumes and set pieces, because I can’t make all the things at once. I’m coming up with new ideas at the same time as I am working on the previous projects.


- デュオで始めた理由を教えて下さい。

SUKA OFF は男女のデュオです。1995年、最初のチームは私と私のガールフレンドでした。私はそれがステージ、ボディ、生理学、セクシャリティの上で、完璧な組み合わせ(体制)だと思います。全ての観客は彼ら自身の性をその中に見いだすことが出来ます。なぜなら私たちは社会の関係性から脱却を試みているから。もちろんしばらく経った後、つねに繰り返しの問題が起こる。なぜなら、私は同じ公式の関係性に閉じ込められているからだ。だから、私たちは出来る限り他のアーティストとコラボレーションをこころみている。


- Why you are started as duo?

SUKA OFF has always been a male-female duo. In the first team back in 1995 it was also me and my girlfriend at that time. I think it's a perfect system in the context of the stage, body, physiology and sexuality. All viewers can identify with their own gender, because we are trying to break away from the socially engaged topics. Of course after some time, there is always the problem of repetition, because I'm locked in the same formal relationship. So as often as we can we collaborate with other artists.





How was Japan trip so far?

Fantastic. Japan is not the world of the future as many Europeans imagine it to be. It is the present. Europe is living in the past. Here, too much time is wasted on pointless activity. It is difficult to isolate, to think only about your own project, because you constantly come across annoying people’s behavior, wasting of time and resources. In Japan, I felt more calm and focused on the street than I do at home in Poland, sitting in front of my computer.


WHITE ROOM photo by Rebecca Litchfield

WHITE ROOM photo by Rebecca Litchfield








- To make art porn and to come across fashion?

Pornography is associated rather with undressing. Taking off clothes. If there is any "fashion" it’s very stereotypical: sexy lingerie or elegant evening clothes. When I think fashion, I mean costume, second skin. In this sense, it can excite, it can be part of the foreplay, it may carry some information. Clothes can also enhance the visual side of art porn, but it must be consistent with the artistic vision of the film. I do not want clothes just as a gadget, like a vibrator.


For me the contemporary fashion is lacking a strong connection with sexuality. What I find is usually very cliché. In the videos/photos in which there are naked models the focus is either on the body, or on the clothing. There is no connection. The editing tries to add to it some strangeness, which is wrongly associated with the avant-garde. That is why some of the fashion movies made the designers nowadays remind me of puppet theater. Dancing mannequins with rotating caleidoscopes in the background.
It's like the big-budget porn movies based on Hollywood blockbusters. No matter how much work and special effects are put in the movie, in the sex scenes the whole artistic concept is forgotten and you get the same cheap sex scene like in any other porn movie.The whole idea worth a few million dollars is only an expensive packaging.


MAJESTY BLACK fashion collaborartion

MAJESTY BLACK fashion collaborartion

- ファッションデザイナーとのコラボレーションについて教えて下さい。

現在まで、SUKAOFF としてバーバラ・ボローニャとインディヴィジュアル・センチメンツによる衣装で2つのパフォーマンスをしてきました。私たちはまた、バーバラ・ボローニャによるレザーピースをショートビデオ’INSIDE FLESH’で使用しました。私は現在、レオナルド·ウォンによる衣装で ‘dreamlike short’の編集の仕上げをしています。


先月、私たちはグローブはマジェスティブラック、衣装はモナーク1を着用し非常に実験的に’INSIDE FLESH’のビデオを撮りました。晩春には、インディヴィジュアルセンチメンツの衣装を着用し東京のストリートで撮ったショートビデオを公開する予定です。




私たちはこれまでに主にレザーデザイナーとコラボすることが出来、運が良いです。しかし同時に、非常にユニークなものを作っています。私たちはレザーが好きです。それは根本的には特質の一種であり、また最もセクシャルな素材です。同時に S&M クラブのイメージに近すぎない程度でセックスを表すことが課題です。

- Tell us about collaboration with fashion designer.

To date, we have made two performances as SUKAOFF in the costumes by Barbara Bologna and Individual Sentiments. The leather pieces by Barbara Bologna we have also used in a short INSIDE FLESH video. I'm currently finishing the editing of a dreamlike short in the costumes by Leonard Wong.


Last month we were filming a highly experimental INSIDE FLESH video using gloves by MajestyBlack and clothing by Monarc1. In late spring we will show a short video shot on the streets of Tokyo in clothes by Individual Sentiments.


Right now these collaborations have a highly experimental form. I'm trying to find the optimal formula to avoid any visible compromises. I don’t want the viewer to have the feeling of watching an advertising film. The clothes are a part of the story we’re telling, they have the same effect on its development as the characters.


We’ve been lucky to collaborate so far mainly with designers working in leather, but at the same time create something very unique. We love the leather, it has a kind of primal character and is the most sexual material. At the same time it is a challenge to show sex and not to approach too close to the imagery of the S&M clubs.

- 今後のプランを教えて下さい。

私は次の長編映画『BLACK LAB』を完成させる必要があります。制作はすでに2年以上にわたって続いています。その間に、私は特に3Dの物を小予算で制作している時に、予想以上に技術的な飛躍を遂げました。だから、私は構想に変化を取り入れ続けます。


現時点では、’INSIDE FLESH’が私の優先事項です。私が言及した上記のプロジェクトと古典的なポルノのショートビデオとミュージックビデオの完成。同時に実験とコラボレーションを続けています。


SUKA OFFのライブ活動の発表はもっともっと効率よく、手の込んだものになります。






- What is your plan for future?

I have to finish our next feature film BLACK LAB. The production has already been going on for over two years. In the meantime, I made a rather large technological jump, especially when working with small-budget methods of scanning 3D objects, so I continue to introduce changes to the plot.


At the moment, INSIDE FLESH is my priority - completion of the projects I mentioned above plus some classic porn shorts and music videos. At the same time I continue experiments and collaborations.


Presenting SUKA OFF live actions becomes more and more logistically complicated.


In Katowice (city in which we live), there is the possibility of continuous presentation on a small theatre stage, which satisfies all my needs of live performance. Unless someone wants to invite us, I won’t spend my time promoting my work in the art world, which is preocpupied with idle socio-political commentary.


Of course, we hope that we will come back to Japan in autumn.


- 日本のファンへコメントをお願いします。 



- Any comments for Japanese fans. 

It is an honor to have fans in Japan.


URL: www.sukaoff.com
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